Why (White) Libertarians Should Support (White) Nationalism

The Roper Report

Fighting Globalism With Secession: Why Nationalism is Preferable to Globalism

by Chad Forsythe

For the past year and a half or so, the world has witnessed political shock after shock, as voters have soundly rejected globalist policies and leaders in favor of national sovereignty. From Brexit to what will undoubtedly be looked at as one of the greatest political upsets in history with the election of Trump, it is clear that something is happening.

While the majority of these voters certainly were not principled libertarians or even well-versed in libertarian philosophy, it is safe to conclude that they are at the very least skeptical of ceding more power to supranational entities such as the European Union. This surge of skepticism and disdain for the ruling elites should be music to the ears of anyone trying to limit the powers of the state. Let us take proper advantage of it.


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