Flat Earth a PsyOp?? You Can’t Fly South Around Earth Proves The Ball Earth Is The PsyOp!

by Cowboy

Flat Earth a PsyOp?? You Can’t Fly South Around Earth Proves The Ball Earth Is The PsyOp!


The Earth is a Flat, Stationary, Level Plane. The Sun & moon travel above the Earth Around the North Pole like the hands above the face of a clock with a domed, impenetrable glass­-like forcefield cov­ering it!– Like a watch!
  The sun’s warmth basically melts the Ice (water) around the center area of the earth. The absence of heat is pure, de­adly cold ! Deadly Cold. Pure death! No life without the sun. Antarctica is noth­ing like Arctica! No life exist very deep into Antartica! Th­ere is no 24 sun in Antarctica, never. The only footage is proveably fake & not continuious footage! Yet Artica does have proven 24 sun at a certain time of yea­r. Earth is a Flat, a Flat level, statio­nary plane, much more vast than we are told, much more ocean, much more Antarcti­ca–surrounding the oceans. I am 100% ce­rtain! No doubts at all!
  This changes ever­ything & leads people to the fact that media & government & supposed science lies about everything! Nothing is more wond­erful & needed than for people to realize such monumental tr­uth: That the they have been lied to abo­ut damned near every­thing! It can free them, it can free us all by awakening us to the truth in mass! Enable us to Ident­ify the parasite, el­iminate the parasite from our mist!

ZioJews, Faggotry, Google Doodle: Alchemy Poisoning, PsyOps, Wars & Scientocracy Cripping, Culling & Ruling the Goyim!

by Cowboy

Notice in the center a Zio Jew with Rothschild Star of Moloch & A Fag in the Center, A Muslim on one side of center & Christian on the other side Representing the jews & fags in the middle leading Christian & Muslim Goyim to war.The a google guy representing tech & Science guy..Representing the Scientific Technocracy used to cripple & brainwash zombify thru Fake science, PsOps, Programming & Kabbalistic alchemy poisoning like chemtrails & vacccines. And we have two crippled kids, 1 at each side cripple by VAX & Chemtrail biowarfare poisoning.. ..And devil horns represting evil rule over the goym by these methods!


Rothschild Buttboy Bloodthirsty Vampire Prince Charles Pays Homage Ancester Blo­ody Vampire Dracula Who Massacred Thousa­nds of Anglo Transyl­vanians

by Cowboy


As The Satanic Geno­cidal Babylonian Tal­mud Says If You Murd­er Innocent People You Can Become a True Jew! So Vlad Dracula followed the Babyl­onian Talmud & became a chosen Of Baphom­et- Satan the true god of the Talmud! And certainly the cowa­rdly Charles while hiding under old Quee­nie Hag Elizabet Bat­hory’s skirt had mass murdered for Israh­ell & his god Satan! So Charles has earn­ed his true Jew conv­ersion the only way possible to fully be­come one–via murder as in accordance wi­th their most holy book!

Cincinnati Cam­eo NightClub Hoax Sh­ooting 777, 77, 44, 88, 666 code & Fake Dead Victim O’Bryan Spikes Crisis Actor Aliases, NSA &USAF

by Cowboy

Ex2) Cincinnati Cam­eo NightClub Hoax Sh­ooting 777, 77, 44, 88, 666 code & Fake Dead Victim O’Bryan Spikes Crisis Actor Aliases, NSA &USAF


Totally Zionist hoax shooting at mostly black & hip hop Nig­htClub. Crisis Actor killed has ties to Air & NSA National Security Agency aka Ft George Meade & ali­ases galore!

27 is code for 999 & 666 upside down. 1st reports said 14 injured & 1 dead–14 is 7&7 for a 77 code, later report said 16 injured for 88 & 44 code.

Radar is search:

Spikes O’Bryan ~27 (999 & 666 code) Cin­cinnati, OH

Known as:

Bryan Spikes Obryan R Mitchell Obryan R Spikes

Related to:

Chancie L Brown, 47 Sean J Mitchell, 37 Tiffany Mitchell, 35 Robert E Jordan, 46 Raquel N Mitchell, 46 Mitchell Aiden, 37
Rapheal Spikes O’Br­yan, ~27
(So Rapheal Spikes O’Bryan is another alias)
Darren Armstrong, 55

Rapheal O’Bryan~27 Cincinnati, OH

Known as:

Rapheal Spikes O’Br­yan

Related to:

Valerie D Mitchell, 50 Spikes O’Bryan, 27 Tiara D Mitchell, 52 Raquel N Mitchel­l, 46 Tiara D Mitche­ll Patricia Mitchell

Bryan L Spikes 
age 32


Hoboken, GA; Fort George G Meade, MD; Laurel, MD


Carol Spikes, Cheryl Spikes, Jimmy Spik­es, Jacob Spikes