Sandy Hook & Louisville Crisis Actor is Disney Actor Aubrey Miller aka Audrey Miller aka Alexis Wasik Same Little Zionist Jew ZioPuppet!

By Cowboy

Sayanim Tricking The Hated ZioMedia BRAINWASHED “Dumb Goyim”!

As Louisville Fern Creek High Fake Witness- DHS Crisis Actor!
“Audrey Miller” aka Aubrey Miller…Notice she has a mild Kentucky accent here. She merely went to this large public school for a few weeks or months probably intermittantly. It is run by a zionist jew principal–a real clown too. So she did not really need to attend many classes.

Ex2) As Ziotrash run Disney SAG ACTOR Audrey Miller & as Alexis Wasik at Sandy Hook
Proof same voice..

Ex3) Aubrey Miller music video

Ben Taub (Freemason& Jew) Houston Hospital Hoax Shooting Aborted! 

by Cowboy

Ex1) Ben Taub (Freemason& Jew) Houston Hospital Hoax Shooting Aborted! SWAT Finds No Shooting Happened (Never mind they already released pictures & reports!!)

THIS Ridiculous Picture Proves it was a drill being carried out to be portrayed as a real shooting:…

Pictures of the Hoax shooting & drill being carried out already were release before the Ziotrash & DHS aborted the shooting being portrayed as a real event. This means someone may have caught them who was not in on the hoax. Be aborting it this way they can claim it was just a drill if anyone seriously raises hell or suspecions.

Ben Taub was a wealthy zionist jew & 32 degree Freemason. He was also a retailer, real estate developer & Banker & he ran boards of many Banking & Insurance & other corporations simultaneously! He was probably connected to Billionaire Zionist Jew Illuminatus Fraudster Maurice Greenberg of AIG who is still alive after fomenting zionist wars since before WWII & getting 300 plus billion $$$ in the 2009 Bankster Bailouts from the US Tax Slaves!…