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maincannabinoidgraphic_-as-copy-02There are over 70 known cannabinoids! These 8 are known to affect you the most!


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) The most abundant and widely known cannabinoid in cannabis, THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the main psychoactive effects patients are familiar with. The compound is a mild analgesic and cellular research has shown the compound has antioxidant activity. THC is believed to interact with parts of the brain normally controlled by the endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitter anandamide.


Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is found in largest quantities in cannabis varieties indigenous to central Africa, like certain phenotypes from Malawi. It is currently being researched as a treatment for metabolic…

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((((((David Friedman)))))) Is Unfit to Be Ambassador to Israel

Check the unusual hat..not a committed W. Nationalist indeed…

“I’m gonna make it rain for the settlers…”


Donald Trump’s first ten days in office have resulted in a whirlwind of policies that have led to major protests, from blocking refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, to ordering a wall built on the US-Mexico border, to moving forward with the Keystone and the Dakota Access Pipelines, to name just a few.

Amid his flurry of Executive Orders, you may have missed the fact that on Inauguration Day, Trump formally submitted to the Senate his nomination of ((((((David Friedman)))))) to be US Ambassador to Israel.

In case you haven’t heard of ((((((Friedman)))))), here’s what you need to know:

He personally identifies with Israel’s illegal colonization of Palestinian land and raises millions of dollars each year to fund an Israeli settlement.

He opposes Palestinian exercising sovereignty over any portion of their historic homeland and speaks approvingly of Israel’s annexation of the West Bank.

And he’s an ardent advocate of moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognizing Israel’s claims to sovereignty over the entire contested city.

These extremist views and actions contradict decades of stated bipartisan US policy. Our ambassador to Israel must uphold US opposition to Israeli settlements, not represent Israel’s settler movement.

Contact your Senators today to tell them that ((((((David Friedman)))))) is unfit to be Ambassador to (((Our Greatest Ally))) and urge them to vote against his nomination.

And after you do so, please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are a few select quotes illustrating ((((((Friedman))))))’s extremist views:

  • The idea of a Palestinian state is a “damaging anachronism. It is a discussion of an illusory solution in search of a non-existent problem.” ((((((Friedman)))))) conspiratorially holds that US support for Palestinian statehood is part of a “scam” designed to “access the wealth of the Persian Gulf.”
  • “As a general rule, we should expand a community in Judea and Samaria,” ((((((Friedman)))))) writes, using the Biblical terms for the West Bank, “just like in any other neighborhood anywhere in the world. Until that becomes the primary consideration for development, how can we expect to be taken seriously that this is our land?”
  • According to ((((((Friedman)))))), President Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry were guilty of “engaging in ‘blatant anti-Semitism’” because, in his view, they did “little more than condemn the proverbial ‘cycle of violence.’”

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of ((((((Friedman))))))’s extremism. For additional reasons why ((((((Friedman)))))) should be disqualified from serving as US Ambassador to Israel, please check out our new policy memorandum.

Thank you for contacting your Senators to oppose ((((((David Friedman))))))’s nomination to be Ambassador to Israel.



Drink, boycott or piss on it? Starbucks coffee war erupts on Twitter over US immigration policy

A bizarre debate on whether or not to boycott Starbucks coffee is bubbling over on Twitter, splitting java drinkers between pro- and anti-Trump travel ban camps.

Starbucks CEO (((Howard Schultz)))’s announcement that the coffee giant would hire 10,000 refugees came in a statement in which he mentioned his “deep concern” at US President Donald Trump’s executive order restricting entry from seven predominantly-Muslim nations.


Madrid zio-mayor hints at Trump-Hitler parallels. From RT news

Same debunked, ludicrous, politically fair, abused mantra. A stinking, libtardish, zionist  corpse rotting away. Enjoy:

“The mayor of Madrid seems to have hinted the policies of US President Donald Trump are reminiscent of those of Adolf Hitler, without naming the notorious Nazi dictator directly, but mentioning the “terrible genocides” of World War II.

“We know that his [Trump’s] government has been legitimately elected and has the popular support of a large number of citizens,” Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena said on Monday while speaking at a council plenary session.

“But in the 20th century we experienced one of the greatest violations of human rights by a government that also initially enjoyed support from many citizens,” she said, in an apparent reference to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis”.

———->Note: if you get emotionally involved by the sight of the local mud, feel free to express your opinions in the comments’ board.

The shortest honeymoon ever

Interesting thoughts putting some light on the globo-zionist agenda of Drumpf.

The Ludwig von Mises Centre

Less than a week ago, I was saying nice things about Donald Trump. It hurts me to swallow my words.

Trump started so well; moving to approve the Keystone pipeline, and placing some sane people at the top of the EPA. Starting to dismantle Obamacare too, maybe. And setting out a more realistic attitude to the Russians.

But then he bars, suddenly and arbitrarily, entry to the USA for certain nationals. Not immigration – that I could have understood – but entry. Even for those who have homes there.

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Did the CIA Create the Hippie Movement?

Great article, Stuartjeannebramhall!

The Most Revolutionary Act


Admiral George Stephen Morrison

Inside the LC: The Strange But Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation

By Dave McGowan (2008)

Free PDF: Inside the LC

Book Review

Inside the LC is a collection of blog posts Dave McGowan published in 2008 about the close relationship between the US military intelligence complex and the rock stars who created the hippy rock culture that emerged from the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles. As he relates the detailed family histories of various rock stars, it’s uncanny how many of them originated from Washington DC and families with military intelligence backgrounds. A few of them had personal intelligence backgrounds.

Examples include

  • Jim Morrison – son of George Stephen Morrison, the admiral piloting the warship involved in the phony Gulf of Tonkin incident used to justify the introduction of ground troops into Vietnam.
  • Frank Zappa – son…

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48 British rabbi(t)s cite Holoco$t in condemnation of Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

Almost 50 British rabbis have condemned US President Donald Trump’s travel ban as “inciting and legalising hatred” against Muslims just days after the world marked HoloHoax Memorial Party-Day.

In a letter to the Times, 48 British rabbis declared their solidarity with their “Muslim cousins” and said the HoloFraud reminds the world what happens when “institutionalised hatred goes unchallenged.

The Jewish leaders called on UK Prime Minister Theresa May to teach her American counterpart “the lessons of history,” when the “tools of state” are directed against minorities. Dub-Oy!