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Only a fiercely proud Welshman can make a statement like this, and get away with it. But Wales is not a ‘Nation’. We are ‘special’, and ‘special’ in a way which should appeal to ‘libertarians’.

Wales is a ‘Community of Communities’. It has no noticeable ‘National’ characteristic. Within the confines of our Peninsula, Wales is as culturally diverse as the rest of the UK put together. Significant proportions of Welsh people speak a language totally different from English, and even that language varies significantly, between North and South.

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The Cover-Up: BP Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Big Fix: BP Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Cover-up

Directed by Josh Tickell (2012)

Film Review

The Big Fix is about the extreme corruption in the Louisiana State capitol and Washington DC which resulted in a massive cover-up of the disastrous environmental and health consequences of the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The documentary begins by exploring the ugly history of the Anglo-Iranian oil company, later renamed BP. It describes the efforts by the Iranian people to reclaim control of their oil with the democratic election of Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1951. Determined to retain British control of Iran’ oil, Winston Churchill approached President Eisenhower, who instigated a CIA-sponsored coup to oust Mosaddegh and install the brutal dictator Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

It would take the 1979 Islamic revolution to restore the right of the Iranian people to control their own oil.

The Oil Colony Known…

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Or how to make whites appear as dorks, Zio deception working both ways, as usual – ‘Escaping the KKK’ Producers Say Participants Were ‘Coerced’ Into Bashing A&E Series (Exclusive)

The producers of A&E’s contentious docuseries “Escaping the KKK” say they are “looking into” allegations that the subjects of the series were paid to fake scenes for the cameras.

This Is Just a Test, the company which produced the series for A&E, said in a statement to TheWrap on Friday that it will investigate the claims made by some members of the hate group, who say they were paid to fabricate storylines and distort their lives for the cameras.

If blacks consider themselves superior to whites, why the hell do they need self validation? Course invites students to explore ‘Power of Black Self-Love’

When McKayla Williams enrolled in “The Power of Black Self-Love,” a new one-credit course offered this semester through Emory’s Interdisciplinary Exploration and Scholarship (IDEAS) program, her interest was both academic and personal.

Growing up on the West Coast, her schools, her neighborhood and her parents’ friends and colleagues were predominantly white. And Williams, who is black, felt the push to assimilate.

Her black identity was rooted mostly in church and family. And through the course, she found herself reflecting on her journey toward identity.

“Currently, my greatest obstacle to self-love is the ‘policing’ of blackness and the black experience,” acknowledges Williams, a first-year student majoring in neuroscience and behavioral biology.

Warning to Trump: don’t approve GMO, pesticide, FDA horror show

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Warning to Trump: don’t approve GMO, pesticide, FDA horror show

You are incompetent on these vital subjects

Don’t plunge ahead

Stop thinking about jobs, jobs, jobs for two seconds

by Jon Rappoport

December 31, 2016

In a previous article on Donald Trump, I wrote: “I think Trump favors jobs, all jobs, and will go to extremes to create them…He’ll find ways to allow the FDA to license new drugs more quickly, thus maiming and killing more Americans. He’ll cast a blind eye toward big corporate toxic GMOs/pesticides.”

I want to strengthen that warning.

First of all, the FDA isn’t being too careful in their drug approval process, as Trump team members suggest. It’s the opposite. The FDA is in the pocket of pharmaceutical companies. The president-elect should take notice of the famous July 26, 2000, review in the Journal of the American Medical Association, by Dr. Barbara Starfield, a…

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A closer look at child abuse networks in the Netherlands and Belgium

Although this article can be read on its own, it really is a continuation of previous ISGP articles, most notably Beyond the Dutroux Affair (2007), La Nebuleuse (2008) and as it turns out, also to the short “Beyond Dutroux” ties to the Netherlands (2009). None of these articles are easy to read. Go slow, sleep on it for a night, come back, get your brain fried again, sleep on it another night, etc. That’s also the way these articles got written.

Back in October 2009, ISGP received a number of documents that give some insight in how child abuse networks in Belgium can be protected, because numerous mid- to high level officials appear to be involved in them. These documents have already been discussed in 2004 by a small Dutch website. Now ISGP does it in English, and with considerably more perspective than we had in those days. The Dutch names have also been mentioned in several places, but not very widespread and not in English. And as always, information is quite scattered. So read and …. well, “enjoy” is undoubtedly not the right word.