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Fidel Castro Ruz

The best you can do with cigars
is give them to your enemies –
that’s what Castro said, when
he quit smoking. Evil tongues
say that he took up smoking
cigars in order to avoid
Comrade Khrushchev’s
kisses on the mouth.
To the Cuban working classes, Castro
was about as good as Mr Hitler was
for Germans, but not quite. Soviet
‘socialist’ economic model, mistakenly
swallowed wholesale by Fidel, even
led to the shortage of vegetables
in Cuba – a fertile tropical island.
Back in his youthful days, Fidel
enjoyed listening to Mussolini’s
speeches. Being hispanoablante,
he didn’t need subtitles. Had he
had an equal facility with German,
he might have enjoyed even more
listening the speeches of Mr Hitler.
Young Fidel was clearly developing
a strong inclination towards national
sovereignty. He was a patriot by
persuasion, who was forced to turn
to communism in order to protect
the hard-won sovereignty of his nation
from the bloodthirsty Jewish-American
gangsters – the ‘champions of freedom’…
The Zio Jew gangster Meyer Lansky –
“we are bigger than General Motors” –
could exercise not much lesser power
in pre-Castro Cuba than the nominal
dictator Batista.
Unlike Mr Hitler, Castro confiscated
all parasite-owned assets overnight.
And ‘Judea’ declared war on Cuba
largely for the same reasons that
it declared war on Germany – loss
of ill-gotten gains, as well as any
prospects of extracting a pound
of flesh at any future time.
The only visible anti-Castro lobby,
however, are the Miami-resident
Cuban middle classes, who, by now,
largely lost any illusions about a
possible return to the temps perdu,
but still locked in their own time warp…
Despite all CIA assassination attempts,
Fidel survived because, unlike Mr Hitler,
he was so much better at making
friends far and wide – and among all
races and classes. He largely avoided
making enemies of potential friends or
allies – an essential lesson to learn for
all patriots and nationalists. And for all
his Marxist mumbo-jumbo, Castro was
a nationalist, first and foremost.
[Please, see the article below
for an opposite point of view.]

Wide Awake Gentile:
The Jew Castro incestuously loved by the Jew media

Final Judgment:
The Missing Link In The JFK Assassination
A free book by Michael Collins Piper on this link:

No doubt at all, the Jews did it – the crypto-Jew LBJ
among them – no other bunch of Satanic scumbags
had ampler means, greater motive or more limitless

Subhuman nature
The acute degradation of the American mind – by John Kaminski
“Any trace of morality in an American leader
has always been remedied by assassination.”
One excellent quote…

[‘Anti-$emitic’] Breitbart News Network:
born in the USA, conceived in I$rael
From the horse’s mouth

Only Wealthy White Leftists –
Could have lost to Trump, says Fred Reed.

The ‘secular’ Hollywood Jew Rob Reiner:
Jared Kushner ‘turned his back’ on Judaism – TUT
There is no end to the Jew Pharisee humbug.
What a shame, Zyklon B was only used to kill lice.

It would be good to have some anti-$emitism in America – by BMan
Reblogged from Wide Awake Gentile

Mossad Agents Posed as CIA Spies to Recruit Terrorists – TUT
The headline says it all

In 1950s Mossad spies married Arabs to conceal identity – TUT
The headline says it all

Video – a homo murdered for Obama?…
Obama’s Ex-Boyfriend Blows Whistle! – 14:59
“This man… has been murdered for exposing
Obama as gay, and Michelle as transsexual…
Kids are adopted…”

The Little Judeopedia
for the humble subjects of the Greater Khazaristan

Q. How to set up a Jewish socialist kibbutz?
A. First, exterminate a Palestinian village!

“The worst possible mistake
to make with the Jews is to
doubt their utter bestiality.”

“The crime against the Palestinian people
is being committed by the Jewish state…
with the full support and complicity of
the overwhelming mass of organized Jews
worldwide.” – Paul Eisen, Jewish blogger

Paul Eisen puts the finger on it: every
Jew is an accomplice to mass murders,
mass frauds and countless other crimes
perpetrated by and on behalf of I$raHell.

“As long as certain twisted souls feel the need to lie,
cheat and murder to achieve their ends, some of us
need to keep pointing it out.” – Les Visible

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      1. ..about what so called western leaders say. Yes despite his communism, Castro has done a lot more than the zionist lick dogs on the west. The simple fact the Cia backed cubans in Miami were partying for his death make of the victim a nowaday’s hero


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