H.L. Mencken Would Sk­ewer Both Hillary Cli­nton and Donald TrumpMarion Rodgers – The ­Washington Times


Oh, how H.L. Mencken ­would have loved this­. The renowned Baltim­ore journalist who sa­id that national poli­tical conventions and­ politicians were for­ “connoisseurs of the­ obscene” would have ­never guessed how obs­cene it could be … ­In a country that has­ grown discouraged by­ the current enduranc­e match, and ever mor­e polarized and shril­l, I join the choir i­n wishing Mencken wer­e here with us now. A­nything but a moralis­t, Mencken, like Mark­ Twain, recognized th­at sound information and lively wit are th­e best way to defeat ­hypocrisy and fraud

Jewish Political Lesbian Feminist

A fair example of zio-jewish filth. To be read at least a couple times.

The wigged zio crapper playing as ‘woman’ is so horrid, slanderous and lurid, it has been declared unfit for the renown ‘Rud’s Therapy for zio-chicks’. Under no circumstances, shall I accept any claim about my final decision…:)

Heathen Women

By: Axe of Perun of The Renegade Tribune

Yes, you read the title correct – we are talking about a Female Parasite in the Humanoid form – a Jewess, who has enchanted herself with the terms Political Lesbian Feminist. Her name is Julie Bindel and the international element within her has hidden itself behind the British Nationality – she claims to be an English writer and has also founded a group called “Justice for Women”, which opposes violence against women and helps women who have been prosecuted for killing violent male partners. I wonder why she chose Britain as her center of operations – why not go to the Middle East or Africa, miss Jewess? Or are we to believe that you will do something to stop non-Whites from attacking White women in London and its surrounded occupied regions? Of course not.

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